1 Habit All Underperforming Junior Frontend Developers Have In Common 🙈

1 Habit All Underperforming Junior Frontend Developers Have In Common 🙈

Most successful junior frontend developers share the same handful of things in common:

  • They are eager to learn and constantly do so
  • They don't go down rabbit holes
  • They have mentors and other devs they can turn to for advice
  • They focus on acquiring skills slowly and steadily
  • Etc.

But when it comes to the struggling ones, I have noticed one habit that keeps holding them back:

They Constantly Wait Too Long Before Asking For Help Or Ask For Help The Wrong Way

Starting as a junior frontend developer can be challenging. So you'll likely encounter:

  • navigating complex (or worse) legacy codebases debugging cryptic 🗝️ code

  • learning a new technology and having to use it the following day/week/month, etc.

It's tough, but remember, those around you understand the struggle—they've been there too.

So don't hesitate to seek help from senior developers when you're stuck. And when you do, be clear about the problem, share what you've tried, and clarify your end goal. They're there to assist!

Doing this will boost your productivity and free you to solve many problems—the key to quick growth—versus being stuck on a single problem 💪.

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